How Health and Nutrition Interlinked ?

The component that interlinked Health and nutrition is food. Everybody required to take foods for survival. 

Some of us love to eat healthy meal for better healty diet where some likes tastier. 

We came across the day, not even a day skipped where have we avoid to take foods. 

Sure, we can avoid foods for one or two days, but we can't stopped taking it in rest of our life. 

Foods are one of most important components for survival, also foods provide the required nutrition to our body. It's gives us that flow of energy for the day. 

In fact, absence of foods in the world never been possible for any being to exhist. When we feel hunger we realize having foods the day. At the time we search for foods to eat. Only after eating food we feels the satisfaction inside our stomach. 

But it's also important to choose healthy diet food to eat healthy. A perfect balance diet can only improve the health.

Foods not only satisfy the feeling of hunger in our body but it's also plays role in interlinking health and nutrition. Due to present of foods we able to get nutrition that required for our health. 

Today we will talk about, "How foods helps on interlinking health and nutrition?"

How Health and Nutrition Interlinked ?

How Health and Nutrition Interlinked ?

Health is determined buy three factor i.e physical, mental and social status. A good health described as overall maintenance of physically, mentally and socially well or the one is free from any kind of disease. 

The person with healthy diet foods have a better living in their lives. This world is vast, we are surrounded by people's happy with their lives, and also with some not. 

The most reason behind this is lack of good nutrition and good health. The one not having good health wishes to get rid from this world. He believe, the world is far to him, having trouble in living it's much better to take up the flight. 

But they don't know there a way to improve their health. They can live a healthy life too. 

In other case, some people's enjoy their life in each and every moments that comes across everyday. They take healthy foods and they been healthy, so they enjoy life with own ways.

There are many deficiency that comes in play that makes the person poor in their health. These are the deficiency due to lack of proper nutrition in their body. 

Some of them are below :-

Iron deficiency :-

The conciquence seen in iron deficiency is the anemia. Here red blood cells gets decreased, and the limits of blood to carry oxygen gets decreased.

Vitamin D deficiency :-

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. It's works as a steroid hormone in the body. Vitamin D is produced out of cholesterol in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. 

So, peoples far from the equator are highly likely to be deficient, since they have less sun exposure.

Iodine deficiency

The iodine deficiency is recognize by a deficiency called enlargement of thyroid gland, also known as goiter. 

It may also cause an increase in heart rate, shortness of breath and gain weight.

Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency causes both temporary and permanent eye damage, and may even lead to blindness. 

In fact, Vitamin A deficiency is leading cause of blindness everywhere.

Vitamin A deficiency can also suppress immune function and increase mortality, especially among children and pregnant or lactating women

Calcium deficiency

The most common symptom of calcium deficiency is osteoporosis, characterized by softer and more fragile bones. 

Severe dietary calcium deficiency include soft bones (rickets) in children and osteoporosis, especially in the elderly.

Magnesium deficiency

The main symptoms of severe magnesium deficiency include abnormal heart rhythm, muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, fatigue and migraines. 

More subtle, long-term symptoms that you may not notice include insulin resistance and high blood pressure.

These are deficiency that occurred due to lack of those elements in our body. Most importantly lack of food and nutrition. 

If our body lacks iron less compared to required, the iron deficiency can be seen to occur, or if we lack Vitamin D in our body, the Vitamin D deficiency start's occurring. 

For each and every elements if not present in adequate amount, their deficiency is seen in our body. 

These following scenario only begin with the lack taking healthy food. The healthy eating person never get into those deficiency because he always eat healthy foods. 

If we get nutrition by taking nutritious foods non of these will rather be seen in our body. 

Taking nutrition in adequate way is the solution for cure. 

So, nutrition plays an important role in our health, with the help of foods we take up and provide the element that required in our body. This is how health and nutrition are interlinked.

Although, the linking is done by foods. The  nutritious food contain the elements that necessary for health and nutrition, and after taking it in our body it's broken down into small particles from where all the required elements are produced, and the elements travel down to reaches required part of our body.

Meanwhile, we had talked about two different types of peoples. One with happy personality and another with sad. 

The person who lack those elements in their body are mostly seen unhappy. They don't take proper nutrition and these elements deficiency are found in their body. 

To avoid this deficiency to occur, they would have to take good foods for proper nutrition and to maintain their health, they must have to develop a habit of taking healthy nutrition. 

Doing so, a huge difference in their lives would able to occur, and they can live a beautiful life.

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