How Kids Health affected? With Solutions

To grow a plant, it's essential to take care in the beginning. The way you treat, since the plant was small, the stronger it will be as it's grows longer. 

Similarly, kids are also need to take care for shape better in their lives.

Today we will talk all the steps about, 

"How kids health are being affected?"

"All the measure to avoid them", 

"What factors affecting kids health?",

"Where does the affections happen?", and 

"How we can control them?"

There is a famous quote from greatest people's in the world that, 

"Every problem has it solution, we required is only find them",

and good news is we are going to discuss the solution today, that required in this problem.

First understand what's kids health really is. Kids health is the annual health of a child considering both physically and mentally well. 

It's not about only the physically body of a child, being fit from his body, having a good physique, but to study the overall kids health, we must consider both physically and mentally too. 

This happens because, a kid having a nice body but have lots of stress in his life. At this condition, his stress will slowly going to affect his personality.

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As the kid is grazing with stress, he will avoid to take care of his body and rather gonna start focusing to get rid from whatever stress is. As not taking care of his body it'll affect his physical health. 

We would today talk about physically child health plus mentally well, and some health tips. 

Let's start will physically...

How Kids Health affected?


1)Unhealty Food

2)Lack of Sleep


1)Mentally Stressed

2)Society influence

How kids health affected


Physically health refer the health of a child that includes, being fit from his body, ability to do physical works, ability to face disease, ability to play sports etc. 

To improve overall physical fitness, there are two major principles.

1) Unhealty Foods

There are many Foods that affect our health. They're mostly described as a junk foods. They affect in long term as well short terms in our body. 

The long terms affects include higher risk of obesity, depression, digestive issues, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and early death. 

In the short terms affect include change in your metabolism. A study of 10 healthy kids found eating junk food for just seven days led to a reduced ability of their muscles to turn glucose into energy, although they didn’t eat more calories as part of the study. 

Over the long term, the chances increase in lead to insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes.


We should refused our kids to taking junk foods. 

Some examples are Chips, Pizza, Burger, Fried chicken, Sausages, Noodles, Pasta, Noodles, Snacks &, Desserts: Hot-dogs, Donuts, Potato chips, French fries, Crisps, Popcorn, Sweets, Biscuits, Icecream, Tacos, Potato wedges, Pancakes, Biscuits, Cookies, etc.

Instead we should request kids to take foods like vegetables and legumes, beans
fruit lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, legumes,beans
grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain, high cereal fibre varieties milk, yoghurt, cheese. 

This help in getting all the essential nutrients in their body for function well and increase in child nutrition.

2) Lack of Sleep

During sleep, your brain did important process that essential for restore energy.

In a research it's found that 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night is mandatory. Regular, good quality sleep is important for physical health, brain functioning, emotional wellbeing, daytime performance and personal safety.

Late night sleep is common and can have serious impacts on kids health and wellbeing.


For your kids it's mandatory to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. 

Every healty child take over 8 hours of sleep everyday. The child also need to avoid late night sleeping, our body is designed to sleep in night not in day. Sleeping in night is more effective than sleeping in a day.

And avoid sleeping directly after meal. You should wait at least half hour after meal.


1) Mentally Stressed

Stress is a feeling to stain or pressure. In kids it was found due to lack of their need. When the requirements for something is not fulfilled, the used to take stress all the day. 

Most kids health affect due to kinds of stress they have. If it continues for long, it can lead to mentally ill, or even seriously mental disease

The stress are also develop due to surrounding environmental conditions, in good environment stress are less likely to happen, and in bad it's more likely to happen.


We need to provide the need of the kids can reduce it's stress. We need to fulfill that wish of the kids can reduce their stress. 

However, fulfilling every wish also cause a bad habits in them. Make sure to fulfill the right wish of the child. 

Next better way to reduce any stress is to do exercises. Exercise is one of the most important things you can practice to combat stress. 

We must sent our kids into a yoga class or in outdoor sport. Also the kids needs to spend time with friends and family. Spending times with friends brings laughs in our face. Laughing is always a nice way to reduce stress.

2) Society influence

Society plays a big impact on shaping the kid life. This works like this. If we been in bad society, we always finds people's talking negative. 

The negative thoughts reached our mind and somehow it divert our mind to talk negative, slowly if it done in regular basis it becomes a part of our personalty. 

So it's important for us to be with those who were positive always.


Avoid children to spend time with those friend who always talk negative about others, never let children to be with those who were negative and unhappy with their lives. 

Always let your kid to meet successful people, and people's who speaks positive about others.


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