Do Parallel Universe Exist? 5 Evidence And Theory

We've watched many movies that are related parallel universe. We find there that a person moves from his universe to a parallel universe. Everything looks similar to his universe.

Sometimes, some movie are made in a way that you could meet yourself in a parallel universe.

However, theses are just an frictional movies. But, these concept inspires us to learn more about it.

Even, some theories claimed about presence of parallel universe. But, we don't have a clear cut that prove their existence. They're only hypnosis that may be true or may not.

Now, Question Arises, 

"Do parallel universe exist?",  

"Are parallel universe real?", 

"If you been in alternate universe, how does it feel like?" 

"Is there any proved theory that claims the possibility of parallel universe?" 

"Do we will able to reach our native parallel world?" 

In this article, we will going to cover all these questions, considering all the theories and evidence about it.

Do parallel universe exist ?

Do parallel universe exist ?

Just imagine, you have been traveled long from this world. At a distance where neither light will able to complete the journey in thousands of years. In a point where it's billions of light year far from home. 

While, you are in the way you met a point where you discovered a similar planet just like our earth. 

You went there and start living. There you found your own home just like in our earth. You start noticing everything is similar like that in our world. Peoples adjectly are those that present in our world. 

Eventually, you found out yourself there. Also, the planet name is Earth too just like us. This is called the parallel universe. You had travel to a parallel universe. A similar world just like us. 

Everything present in a parallel world is kind mirror to us. The places, the peoples present in our universe did exist there. Even, there you feel the same experience, that you had in on your world.

Next important point is that, there can be number of parallel reality. Just like the world you had now visited in your imagination is only an single example. You could find ton's of parallel universes if you move from there to find another one.

The possibility are in millions that may exist. But, for every universe the event might differ from others. There may present some exceptation. The event that happens in our world might not be a part of there existence. 

That's, if you are a doctor in this universe, but somehow you had interest in being a football player. You have that dream to became a football player. In a parallel universe your dreams can be a real scenario. You're a football player there.

However, there also be possibility that you might be a cricketer or singer somewhere else. 

Every possibility that can happens in the world but not adjectly happening right, have chance that might already had happened in some parallel universe.

As now you learned the concept what parallel universe says, let's focus on the theories which predict the possibility of it. There are five theories that supports to parallel universe to be exist.

Do parallel universe exist ?

1) Infinite Universe

If you take a highly advanced spacecraft (However, it have not been created in current time) and went for a journey to travel the entire universe. 

You start the journey from a point. We know the universe is vast in size that it's not predictable to us to determine the actual size of universe. It's thrive everywhere. We did know universe is expanding every second. 

As you've started journey, you traveled large distances, but may be at a point will occur where the universe start repeating. You have reached the initial point from where you had started journey. 

This can happen because particles can be put together in so many ways. More about that in a moment. Let's understand with a example. 

Let's there are three balls, A, B, and C. 

If we put the combination of
these balls, the balls resembled in this ways:- 

(A,B,C), (A,C,B), (B,C,A),(C,B,A) 

After this it'll again repeat (A,B,C),(A,C,B) and so on. Like shown below...

(A,B,C), (A,C,B), (B,C,A),(C,B,A), (A,B,C), (A,C,B), (B,C,A),(C,B,A)........

After few combination the repetition gets starts. Likewise, if there present ball D the chain will be more longer than this. 

Consider these balls as a particle. The universe is made up of particles. There are trillions of particles present in our universe as it's so vast. At some point it's possible that the particles start repeating, and creates a repetition of universe.

2) Eternal Inflation Theory

According to this theory our universe is present inside a bubble. Everything that goes on, all the particles in our universe are part inside a bubble. There is no external connection between other matter outside this bubble. 

All the events are responsible only inside it. 

Like us, there present large numbers of bubbles inside the mult-universe. As, multiverse is so massive in size, it's maintain infinite universe inside it. 

The universe of other bubbles may differ from us, the laws of physics in there might work different ways. In fact, particles can be behave in different manners. 

However, it's also possible to have a same configuration of bubble in the multiverse. An exact copy of bubble like us. A universe which is similar to us. This represent the existance of parallel universe. However, it's just an alternate universe theory.

We talk that vast number of bubbles are present there. Due to large quantity, there also possibility of collision between two bubbles. When two bubble collides, an exitance start to begin, or exitance did ends up. 

There are numbers of possibility that can happen by collision of these bubbles.

3) Quantum Physics Parallel Universe

Many of the experiment in quantum physics have proved that electrons can exist in different state in same time. It's became more clear when in 1972 Werner Heisenberg discovered Uncertainty Principle. 

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that you can never simultaneously know the exact position and the exact speed of an object. Because everything in the universe behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time. 

Now, look around the world, observe everything...

All these stuff we see are made up of combination of electrons. Even we are too a product due to combination of electrons. This suggest that we can be exist in different places at same time. 

According to quantum physics, parallel universe exist in same place where we exist but it's in a parallel dimension.

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These are cannot be seen by us, but they still exists within us. You might be walking towards you in other dimension or you might be on different city right now. The thought that rise in your mind may be the reality in different dimensions. Every possibility that can happen here might already been a reality there. 

This theory also solve a time paradox for time traveling in past. When you travel into past and killed yourself, the question arise....

"Will you be still exist in future?" ..

The answer is "Yes". The person you killed will be considered for other dimension. There will be a different timeline that had been created. Your timeline will not be affected from it.

4) Mathematical Democracy Principle

It's the combination of all three theory above. 

According to this, there might have different rules, different mathematics in different universes. The structure of mathematics may change depending in which universe you reside. It's not necessary that there might present humans in the universe to exist. 

Because we don't have much clues, it's not more than a theory.

Scientist had performed an experiment called large hydron collider.

In this experiment, microparticles are taken to collide itself. In such a collision they discovered a particle which carries gravity. 
This called as graviton. 

This particle sudder gets disappeared and again reappears. This experiment create astonishe among the scientist is there another universe. 

Scientist believe that these particle can open a portal to the different dimension. It's do create a focus on proof of other dimensions, But, these particles are difficult to create.

5)  Dreaming


Did Dreams Are Events of a Parallel Universe

Do you still remembered the last time when you dreamed...

There is quarrel between scientists that why actually we dreamed...

Some believe that the dreams are the possibility of parallel universe. Every dream that appeared in night is actually happening somewhere. 

The positive or negative dreams that appeared to you might be a real scenario at all. I think this can be true because sometimes some dreams match willing our real-life events. 

Some dreams we experienced are connected to real life experience. This might be a signal from a parallel universe. However, like all other theory, it's also a Hypnosis.

You comments below what you believe, is it true that dreams really a part of different universe. And which one of these five you had find most interesting.

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