Top 10 Facts About Egyptian Pyramids That You Don't Know

Top 10 Facts About Egyptian Pyramids That You Don't Know

There present many facts about Egyptian pyramids in the portrait. Giza is a city in Egypt where pyramid were built. 

The pyramids of Giza built between 2250-2490 B.C by Pharaohs Khufu (tallest), Khafre (background), and Menkaure (front). 

But, the mystery is that, "How are these builted? ", that time was about ancient state. 

The earth civilization wasn't advanced to make such wonders of world. 

The ancient Egypt leaves no clues to identify secret of making the Egyptian Pyramids. 

In this post, we're going to cover such top 10 Egyptians Pyramid facts that you might not heard anywhere. 

After reading the article you will be surprised to know seriously "How the Pyramids were built?"

Egyptian Pyramids facts


 1) The Pyramid contains Eight side not Four

 2) Some part of the Pyramid contain lesser Space inside

 3) It located 29.9792458 ° North to the Equator

 4) It contains 2 million stones, But all are Perfect structured

 5) Every Pyramids over the World have same Looks

 6) Less Time to Built-up

 7) Not a Single Tombs contain Coffins

 8) Materials of Walls Brought From Far Away

 9) It was Built in Geographical Centre

 10) There Present many Hidden Path and Rooms

Let's begin with the first...

1) The Pyramid contains Eight side not Four

You might claim that the pyramid contain four sides. You probably seen in many picture where the pyramid contain four sides. 

Although, the portrait available in the internet seems to have only four sides. But that's not the real case. An aircraft investigating the pyramids found out it's contain eight sides. It's only possible to identify by looking from the sky. 

However, not everytime aircrafts can recognize it, this because the eight side are only visible at the sunset of spring. 

If you look the pyramid at other periods time, you never got to notice all the eight sides. The sunset of spring is the only time when it's visible.

Egyptian Pyramids with Eight Sides

2) Some part of the Pyramid contain lesser Space inside

The rooms inside pyramids were made of 300 feet long and 3 feet wide. But what surprises is that "How a builder manage to work at such small space?". 

Moreover, at that time there haven't been invented any single tools to work on small space. 

It's nearly impossible for a person to work without using any tools in such small space. It's define the workers faced difficulties when they work. 

Nobody knows, how the workers manage to enter small rooms inside Egyptian pyramids.

Lesser space in Egyptian Pyramids

3) It located 29.9792458 ° North to the Equator

The Great pyramid of Giza is located in such a way that it indicate 29.9792458° which is at North to the equator. The civilization at 2250 B.C haven't contain any devices to locate the centre of the earth. 

Moreover, the vehicle were not invented to travel the different places of world and find out the exact centre. 

So, "How adjectly they found out the equator?". Even, equator never been discovered at the time. It was discovered in 1736. 

This conclude that they've already knowledge of the equator.

4) It contains 2 million stones, But all are Perfect structured

If we count the number of stones, there are about 2 millions of stones in pyramid building. 
It's difficult to build a perfect structure with such large amount.

But, in the Egyptian pyramids it's perfectly structured, well balanced and well constructed. 

It's has faced lots of earthquakes, but it's always maintain the balance. Neither a single earthquake had ever affect on it. And also at that time of making the pyramid, there neither contain any tools to lift up heavy stones, 

So, "How even they manage to placed the stones in the top?"

Although, some peoples claim that many workers work together and somehow placed it, but straightly looking to pictures I prefer it's not possible to place the stones even many worker join the group.

5) Every Pyramids over the World have same Looks

The time when Egyptian pyramid was constructed, same time the others ancient pyramids also been constructed over the world. 

It's found that the design on all pyramid are same. It's not look same exact, but the designs, their structures are common at all. 

If you consider some ancient pyramids of the world, you'll likely find all with same art, such as pyramids of Mexico, Indonesia, etc. They're as like the great pyramid of Giza. 

At that time, there not exist any means of communication to contact with others peoples from different regions. The Egyptians peoples would have no way to communicate others, neither telephone are invented at that time, nor internet, even post office were not builted. 

So, "How it's possible that same time peoples from different region think the same way and do same work?"

Many called it as global collectiveness. The global collectiveness state that people think same thought so they performed same work.

Egyptian Pyramids facts

6) Less Time to Built-up

Archeologist claimed that it taked nearly 20 years to built the pyramid building. 

Considering it, might would take 1:30 minutes for a single stone to construct, to cut it, and make it into a proper shape, to fixed it in the building. 

However, this isn't possible even in the current time to manage a stone in 1:30minutes like the way that's stones are constructed there. 

But, Egyptian civilization brings out this into reality. 

So, a questions arises that, "How possibly they did it?". Construction of a stone will take atleast 5 minutes in our present time by using with help of tools. This mystery has never been solved.

7) Not a Single Tombs contain Coffins

There contain many pyramid tomb in the entire pyramid. Talking about any pyramid it's directly indicate about coffins. A pyramid is built to place coffins inside it. 

However, many investigator have investigated different part of the Egyptian pyramid but never found a single piece of coffin. Initially everybody used to think that there contain coffins inside the every tombs. 

This isn't true, the pyramid were built for another purpose, it's not built to placed coffin of Kings and Queens. 

The adject reason for what it was built is a great mystery. Nobody knows the adject answer of this mystery. There present only prediction from different peoples.

8) Materials of Walls Brought From Far Away

The wall of pyramid were made from Granite blocks. It's found in Aswan. The distance from Giza to Aswan is over 900km away. These block are carried from Aswan to Giza about 900km. The weight of a single block is about 2600-2900 kg. 

Looking at this data, they must contain special tools to carry these heavy blocks. They will need an advance mechine to carry the blocks. 

But, ancient Egyptian Civilization never have any specific traveling stuff. "How they mange to carry it?". This blow everyone mind.

9) It was Built in Geographical Centre

The pyramid is not located in a general place. It's at the geographical centre of the earth. 

At that time no compass were invented, neither a spaceships to look up from the top. 

This isn't possible to justify the adject geographical centre of the earth without having a proper look from the space. Even, they need to travel the whole world to identify the geographical centre. 

However, not a single vehicle is available at that time for traveling. So, had they used to travel at that time, and how they built exactly. 

This mystery is still incomplete to solve from the great archeologist around world.

10) There Present many Hidden Path and Rooms

The pyramid have many hidden rooms. There still present lots of path to discover. We had discovered only few of it. 

The structure of pyramid is so complex and it's difficult to find out all way out to in. 

Therefore, the pyramids still present many anonymous rooms that haven't been discovered yet.

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