What is Antimatter? What Antimatter is Made of? 

What is Antimatter? What Antimatter is Made of? 

What is Antimatter? Well, we want to know where this term came from. We have been familiar only with matter since from our school days. 

Everything was great, we're happy at our studies. Since, after hearing the concept of antimatter we can't able to sleep properly without knowing a brief detail about it. 

We're here to expose antimatter today. Everything that requires to understand what is antimatter.

 What is Antimatter? What Antimatter is Made of?

The known universe is matter. We live in a world made up of matter. Everything around us are the different forms of matter. From the small creature like ants to the enormous one like elephants are both made from a matter. 

The non-living or living things is exist is because the matter do exist. In our daily life everything we observe around us can be considered matter anyway. 

Everything might in different forms like solid, liquid or gasas. But, eventually the constribution of matter is in the entire universe.

The above lines are what we had learn from our school days. However, the modern science found another stuff that oppose to matter. Those particles are considered as antimatter. 

Now let's try to understand antimatter thoroughly.


1) What is Antimatter ?

2) Theory of Antimatter using Mathematics

3) What Antimatter is Made of

4) Why are Antimatter not found

5) Researches with Antimatter

 1) What is Antimatter ?

Most of the things in our universe is made up of two colaberitie. If there is darkness, then there would be light. If there could be good, there also be bad, if there present positive, there present negative too, if there has pleasure, there has pain too. 

Since, everything in universe has two colaberities, just like this, for the matter there may exist something opposite of it. Thus, the opposite of matter is called antimatter.

The concept of antimatter is drive from mathematical equation. 

Let's us discuss, how the concept of antimatter came to exist with mathematics.

 2) Theory of Antimatter using Mathematics

At the time when Einstein is busy with the theory of relativity, some scientists had tried to solve the concept of antimatter. 

If we consider the universe with small particles like atoms, we would find the universe with different rules and laws of physics, which could be not clear in our definite universe. The study of universe in particles level is called quantum physics. 
Most of theories in quantum physics are explained by mathematical equations. So with researching, scientists had found a equation like this.

In the mathematical equation when
         (2)² = 4
       (-2)² = 4

Hence, (2)² = (-2)²
If,  (2)² = matter, then what is (-2)²
So, (-2)² is non other than anti matter.

From this equation, for a destination to reach, there can be two possibilities..

Either positive or negative. Both (2)² and (-2)²  fulfill to give results 4. It's imply that our universe is not made up only matter. There has possibility of having antimatter.

In the beginning of Big Bang, with the matter, there had been created antimatter too. The Big Bang had brusted the way that at creation of matter is also be created antimatters. 

But, the question arises that "Where is antimatter now" , "How we unable to see antimatter", "Did we had been with antimatter, but can't able to recognise".

To understand this, first you need to learn "What antimatter are made of".

 3) What Antimatter is Made of ?

 What is Antimatter? What Antimatter is Made of?

We know that every matter is made up of atoms. Atoms contain basically three particles, electron, proton and neutron. 

The atom made by matter contain electron and proton which act for carrying charges. The proton carry positive charge and electron carry negative charge. 

Likewise, the antimatters are also made up of atoms. The particles in antimatter which carry positive charge is called positrons and the particles which carry negative charge is called antiproton.

From above, we found that both matter and antimatter are opposite of each other. Whenever something oppose combine, it's cancel each other. For example,
(2)+(-2)  = 0

So, when a matter and antimatter get's into colab, there would be an explosion. After the explosion, they released gamma rays. This process is called Inhalation. At the end there will be nothing but gamma rays.

Now, let's understand why antimatter are not found.

 4) Why are Antimatter Not found?

As you know that antimatter and matter when colab it's just brust out. Regarding this, scientists have discovered another theory for not appearence of any antimatter. The hypothesis said that, after the Big Bang, the formation of matters and antimatters took place. 

However, the amount of matter formed are much higher than those antimatter. As, matter and antimatter cancel each other, exactly that had happened at the beginning time. Matters and antimatters get's crossover and brust out leaving gamma rays. 

And this process continues till all the antimatters get destroyed. 
Due to more amount of matters, the matter retain there existance. 

And that's all what we see in the present time, the existence of matters. 

Although, it's only a hypothesis. Nobody know correctly the real scenario of antimatter. Maybe this theory can be true, or maybe it's nothing but a false prediction.

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 5) Researchers with Antimatter.

We are curious to know more information about antimatter. At present there is only limited information that had explored. Like us, scientists had the same curiousity to know more about antimatter. For which they performed experiments related it. 

At Centre For European Nuclear Research, scientists are trying to create an antimatter. They took help of large hydron collider which makes the anti form of hydrogen. 

But the twist is if antimatter get in contact with matter, a brust will take over. To avoid this, they use magnetic field to keep separate the antimatter from matter.

CERN has created only 10ng of antimatter which can light the bulb only for four hours. But it's had taked much more energy to create the antimatter.

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Now, I will tell you something interesting. Ever wondered how something made up of antimatter would look like. How a human would look like that's made by antimatter. 

The answers is simple, it'll be similar as that of matter, anything that is made up of antimatter will probably be same like matter. 

You cannot find any difference between the objects of matter and antimatter by directly looking to it.

 What is Antimatter? What Antimatter is Made of?

Now, imagine if there is no matter in the universe. Everything appeared here are all made by particles of antimatter, you, your home, the earth, and the universe. You haven't heard of anytime about matter, that point you might called the world of antimatter as matter. And you'll considered matter to be antimatter. 

The concept will be opposite for that world. And you be curious to know about matter, that is antimatter of that time.

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