A Cancer to the brain | Everything you Must know |

A Cancer to the brain | Everything you Must know |

Cancer to the brain in your life can led a serious event. For it, you may lost your life.

We live around the world with large variety of disease. But, what's important for you is to sustain with every external attacks before it's takes over. One of those dangerous disease is brain tumor or cancer to the brain. 

Some cancer spread to the brain and caused serious problem. It's can led you a permanent unhealthy life or even sometimes death. 

Whenever the cancer has spread to the brain, you will notice there symptoms. This includes confusion, seizures, changes in the behaviour, sleepiness etc.

But the important question arises is that, cancer on the brain can it be cured.

Let's discuss everything in detail starting from some questions.

Cancer to the Brain

Can Cancer spread to the brain. 

We actually want to know, did really cancer spread on the brain. 

The simple answer is "Yes"...

Caner can travel in your whole body and it can spread on the brain. 

A few examples of those types of cancer are metastatic cancer to the brain, lung cancer to the brain, breast cancer to the brain, skin cancer to the brain, etc. 

There are also present more types of cancers, but these are some commons that found in most cases.

How Cancer Spread to the Brain

Cancer is also known for a tumor which spread from one part to other. 

In the initial time, if the tumor is not removed, it's start spreading all over the body. It's has the ability to spread far parts from it's origin. 

Generally, cancer spread by three means of spread. First, "Transcoelomic", second "Hematogenous spread" and third "Lymphatic". 

In transcoelomic, malignant cells penetrate by a surface called peritoneum in our body. Thus, it reaches other parts of the body. 

Secondly, in hematogenous spread the infected cells start attacking blood vessels, which further takes over others organs. 

Lastly, lymphatic, here the cancerous cells invade lymphatic nodes, thus moving towards many parts of body, it's reach the brain. The whole process of spreading cancer is called metastasis. 

When a tumor spread by these any kind of transport, it's eventually reach the brain. Causing a brain tumor invades all the brain cells.

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Why Cancer Spreads to the Brain

Cancer to the Brain

In most of the time, tumor that occurs in different parts of  brain usually drive to brain. 

There seem cases many times, tumor which initially occur different parts of the body and spread to brain than the tumor that actually started at the brain.

Our brain is made up of different materials. To function properly, our brain require about 25% of all oxygen that contain in our body. 

For more oxygen to be consume in any part of the body, it's must have healthy blood vessels. The region of the body that contains most of the healthy blood will consume more oxygen. In order to get 25% of all oxygen our brain must have healthy blood supply. 

And adjectly because of healthy blood supply, the part of the brain becomes dense area of healthy blood. 

So, it's make the brain a favorable area for Metastasis which further spread to brain easily.

What are the Symptoms of Cancer

Every wondered how can one get to know if he gets cancer. A person if had a cancer and does know that he had, after few years he may be stuck into a big problem. 

The tumor if somehow get crossed the primary stage and starts metastasis, the problem to cure will rise higher. We must detect the tumor in initial state. 

To get know if you had a cancer, you may observe some symptoms for it. If a person start to develop a tumor he will suffer from headache, and sometimes vomiting. 

But not in every case, if a person invade from headache or vomiting doesn't always means cancer. There maybe a natural headache which doesn't relates with any disastrous disease. 

Another symptoms for cancer to the brain is Memory loss. The person will get changed in his mentality. He would find hard to remember the things and his ability to store something in mind will gradually decrease. He would also find seizures in his nervous cells.

Common Types of Cancer to the Brain

Looking towards the cancer there are different types of cancer to the brain. Form those there present some most commonly cancer which are mostly found in every cases. 

We will discuss now some of these in this article. These are :-

1) Lung cancer

2) Breast cancer 

3) Kidney cancer

1) Lung cancer to the brain

Lung cancer to brain usually occur when a cancer is developed in the lungs.  

The tumor that developed initially in the lung spread to brain by metastasis, and spread the lung cancer in the brain. 

When the cancer is spread from lung to brain the secondary malignancy is not considered to be brain cancer, rather it considered as lung cancer to the brain. 

The brain cancer is only considered when it initiated within the brain .

Lung Cancer to the Brain

Lungs are the spongy organs in the chest. It's has ability to inhale oxygen and exhale carbondioxide from it. If the inhaled air is polluted, the chances increase to have lung cancer. 

That why, smoking is considered as the main cause of lung cancer. When a person smoke, it's initiated polluted air in the lung which damage the cells present inside the lungs.

But in some case the person gets lung cancer without inhaling smoke, this case the polluted air maybe from other source. 

A major part of deaths in United States is due to lung cancer.

2) Breast cancer to the Brain

The cancer which develop in the breast of a women is called Breast Cancer. It's mostly found in women's rather than men. 

Breast cancer to the Brain is the process of spreading cancer from breast to the brain by metastasis with help of lymph nodes. Breast cancer occur due to unwanted growth of cells in the breast. 

In the milk-producing ducts cancer seems to be their favorable place. In most case , breast cancer generally occurs in milk-producing ducts. 

The risk factor for breast cancer are  with increase in age the risk increase to more have it. If a family contain diagnosis with breast then the daughter has much chances to occur in them. 

Breast cancer are also more favorable fatty women's than skinny. Sometimes drinking alcohol led to breast cancer.

3) Kidney cancer to the Brain

Kidney Cancer to the Brain

The cancer that develop in kidney and spread from kidney to other parts like brain is called kidney cancer to the brain. 

These cancer originate in kidney and spread out to brain with the process of metastasis.

Kidney cancer additionally called renal cancer, is a sickness where kidney cells become harmful (cancerous) and develop crazy, shaping a tumor. Practically all kidney cancers initially show up in the covering of minor cylinders (tubules) in the kidney. 

This sort of kidney cancer is called renal cell carcinoma. 

Fortunately, the greater part of kidney cancers are found before they spread (metastasize) to far off organs. 

Furthermore, cancers got early are simpler to treat effectively. These tumors can develop to be very enormous before they are recognized.

The kidneys are two bean-molded organs, each about the span of a clench hand. They lie in your lower mid-region on each side of your spine. Their principle work is to clean your blood, evacuating waste items and making urine.

Cancer on the brain treatment

Almost all brain cancers are serious problems. But good news is, we have discovered many treatment related cancer to the brain. 

These are follows:-

1) Surgery 

2) Chemotherapy

3) Radiation Therapy

Cancer on the brain survival rates

The cancer on the brain survival rates depends upon the types and stage of cancer you have. 

For every situation the result maybe different. Survival depends on many different factors. 

The types of condition you have will exermine your survival rates, and treatment you need. No one can tell you exactly how long you will live. It's not accurately fixed that wheater the person will live long or short life. 

Thus, the survival rates are different for different cases.

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A Cancer to the brain | Everything you Must know |

A Cancer to the brain | Everything you Must know | Cancer to the brain in your life can led a serious event. For it, you may lost your ...