What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Dark Matter

The universe is more weird than we actually know. Every known mysteries we had explored till now are just little portion of it. 

There are penalty of things in the universe that had not yet discovered. Neither these things can be imagine properly nor we can give a clear explanation.

Yet, there are some stuff like Black Holes, Galaxies, Astroid, etc had already have an explanation, but everything is based basically on theory.

Today, we will discuss such a mysterious stuff in the universe that somehow believe to be exist.

Dark Matter and Dark energy. These are two stuff that may exist in our universe. But , do you know why are these important.

We'll cover everything in these post.

What is Dark Matter ? 

We live in a galaxy called Milky way. It's a cluster of stars and planets located in a particular position of the universe. There are different types of things found in a galaxy. Starting from small Astroid to massive stars larger than sun. 

Like our galaxy the universe is found by combination of many galaxies within it's boundary. These galaxies are located at their particular position in the universe.

Now, you might thinking what's new about it. Everyone knows this nicely, what's about dark matter, I haven't heard a single word till now.

Well, let's understand it.

Have you ever wondered what made stars to form galaxy. How are these massive stars located that never move it's place. Why not stars scattered from their place. 

Is there any forces which bonding all the stars in a galaxy.

Scientists predict that there must be some foces which holding every stars to form a galaxy. 

But, they don't have clue about it...

Thus, they conclude that there is "something" which creates forces and holding stars to form a galaxy. 

Later on, scientists named that "Something" to be "Dark Matter". 

Hence, dark matter are the stuff in the universe which holding stars, planets to located in their exact position.

It's make possible for galaxies to exist. They maybe present within us, but we can't able to see or recognise it.These matters isn't related with the normal matter. 

However, all the above just a prediction, it's doesn't mean that this can be true, everything I told you maybe a false prediction.

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 Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Dark matter is most likely comprised of a convoluted colorful molecule that doesn't associate with light and matter in a manner we expect, yet at this moment, we simply don't have any idea. 

Dark energy is considerably progressively weird and secretive. We can't identify it, we can't analysis it properly. 

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

In 1929, Edward Hubble analyzed how the wavelength of light produced by far off systems, shifts towards the red end of the electromagnetic range as it goes through the space. 

He found that fainter, progressively inaccessible cosmic systems demonstrated an expansive level of red move closer universes.

Dark energy and Empty Space.

On account that the wavelengths of light are extended as the universe grows. 

Later disclosures have appeared, the extension of the universe is quickening. 

Prior to that, it was thougth that the force due to gravity that would make the development, either slow down or even withdraw and breakdown in on itself sooner or later. 
Space doesn't change it's properties as it grows. 

There's only a greater amount of it. New space is always made all over the place, universes are tight bound bunches of stuff held together by gravity. 

So we don't encounter this extension in our day to day lives.

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Everytime, we see it's wherever around us. Wherever there is empty space, more is shaping each second. 

Thus, dark energy is by all accounts of some sort of energy present in empty space. 

Energy that is more grounded than all else that we know, and it continues getting more grounded as time cruises by. 

Empty space has more energy than anything else present in the universe. We've various thoughts regarding what dark energy may be. 

One thought is, the dark energy isn't a thing, yet only a property of room. Empty space isn't nothing, it has it's own energy. It can produce more space and it's very dynamic. 

Thus, as the universe grows, it may be the case that simply increasingly more space seems to fill the holes and this prompts a quicker extending universe. 

This thought is near a thought that Einstein had in 1917, of the idea of a cosmological steady, a power that checked the power of gravity. 

The main issue is that when we attempted to figure the measure of this energy, everytime the outcome is so wrong and undetectable, that it just added to the perplexity.

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Some different thought is, that unfilled space is in reality loaded with brief, virtual particles that precipitously and ceaselessly structures are nothing and after that dissapear into nothing once more. The energy structure of those particles could be dark energy. 

Or then again perhaps dark energy is an obscure sort of powerful energy liquid or field which penetrates the whole universe. 

Yet, sometes it's seem has the contrary impact on the universe than ordinary energy and matter. Although, it's exist, we don't have a clue how and where or how we could recognize it. 
So, there are still a great deal of inquiries to reply. Our hypotheses about dark matter and dark energy are still a speculations. 

On one hand, this is somewhat baffling, then again this is outskirts science making it extremely energizing. 

It demonstrates to us that regardless of the amount we feel we're in control, we are still particularly chimps with cell phones, on a small delicate island in space investigating the sky thinking about how our universe functions. 

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