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About Us

Science is defined as the knowledge gained by experiments, calculations, observations, theoretical solution, or practical proved. Everytime when any discovery takes place, are most likely to have a proper explanation with it. Science doesn't consider anything without having any evidence. Day by day the knowledge of science are increasing drastically. Some theories that had been considered in the former past are not valid in present time. Science is also dynamic. Since, we are developing rapidly, we are able to explain the world more better way. Thus, in the coming years, we would have more perfect knowledges of science.

This website which provides knowledge of science that have been accepted in our society. The information we provide are based on scientific research by different scientists, theories, scientific prediction and scientific explanation.

If we look at science, we will able to find many categories and sub-categories within it. However, we try to provide every information that deal with science, but our most of our articles are within two sub niche.

Do you like to be healthy? Well, getting heathly always the better option for everyone. Do you like to know the disease your body suffering? Do you like to know the reason of a particular disease? How would it be, if I tell you the scientific reasons of your health.

Our first niches focus on SCIENCE OF BEING HEALTY. This include the scientific research on health, digease explanation, scientific explanation of what lead to disease, how we can cure disease, Ways to maintain your body healthy.
Since researches are drastically increasing every single day, we also update you by giving information about new researches done in our surrounding.

Have you been heard stories telling by our natives that something disgusting had happen near by, that story can't be explained by science. After getting the information about that incident, you get divert thinking to solve the mystery. The mysterious incident always amazed us than a scientific explanation of something. We try thinking until we get into the conclusion.

Our second niches focuses on EVERY SCIENTIFIC MYSTERIES. This includes mysteries of our body, mysteries of inventions, mysteries of universe, mysteries of failed experiment, space adventures, of indescribable incidents, co-incidents, mysteries of space, and mysteries of places all over the world.

You will find many posts mostly related to these two sub niches, however, sometimes some post may not related to these two, because if we find the topic very important we cover it too. For example:-  Every amazing information related Space and the Universe. We give a complete details about topics to help you better understanding. Now one thing we like to tell you that you can also recommend us on what topics you like us to cover. You can gives us idea about what topics be written in our further posts. We will cover the topics that you want to be published. You can tell us by simply commenting down on the post on what topics you like to be published. We will try to cover your topics.

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